Welcome to the Official John "Bud" Hawk website.

This website is dedicated to the life of
"America's Hometown Hero"
John D. "Bud" Hawk,
who was awarded
the Medal of Honor
by President Harry S. Truman.

From Filmmaker RJ McHatton:

I first met Bud Hawk when we started Inventive Productions, a production company in the Northwest that was dedicated to Video Biographies.  With Bud Hawk's help, we put together a wonderful documentary about Bud's life.  We called the film "America's Hometown Hero" because Bud really is a regular hometown type of guy who became a true American Hero.  I am blessed to have known Bud Hawk.  I hope you enjoy the video biography we made about Bud's incredible life.

You can watch the entire documentary for free

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Here are some photos from Bud's life:

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